My Father taught me the key to success is to go that extra mile for your clients. I remember that every day and my reviews demonstrate that I am serious about earning your business!

I have been a client of Premiere Services for about 5-years and they are the best in the business. Definitely 5-star rating. I have re-located to another city in California but continue to use Premiere Services when it is time to prepare my Federal income taxes. They are easy to do business with, provide fast turn-around, and are reasonably priced. I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT.

Bella Michaels

Sr. Flores ha preparado mis impuestos los últimos 4 años. Siempre me los ha preparado rápido, siempre está disponible para todas las preguntas que tenga. Y conoce muy bien las leyes de impuestos. Siempre me da concejos en cómo puedo aprovechar los beneficios que hay disponibles cada año con las leyes más recientes. Yo lo recomendaría a todas las personas que están en busca de una persona honesta, confiable, experto y que siempre pone a sus clientes primero.

Alicia Olguin

I highly recommend Premiere Services they have doing my taxes now for years...always professional and very courteous. Gets the job done in a very timely manner. I work from home and have many deductions to manage and have always been happy with my returns. MY husband now uses their services and extremely happy with the job well done!

Carlos Felts

Just needed consultation on how to handle the sale of my stocks on my income tax return which I had already pretty much completed but wanted clarification on what supporting forms were needed for reporting my income from sale of stocks. He was able to see me the following day and provide clear direction on how this was to be reported. $50 charge for about a half hour of consulting. Very helpful and extremely knowledgeable.

Allison Lee

Very detailed consult about 2011 taxes, 2012 filings, and S-Corp filings. Very intricate. It went great. Juan was able to point me in the right direction, get us set up with an idea of what we need to do next and was more than willing to do the actual filings if we needed him to. Juan returned money to us via mail when we decided not to follow through with the plan~ we appreciated that! Thank you, Juan!

Gustavo Fox

Advice on Trust. Also questions regarding IRS report. Very pleased with his and his associate's full attention, detailed advice, would highly recommend and will use in the future

Scott Marcoe

I usually do my taxes online with TaxAct since they are so easy, but this year I got hit with a 1099-B which required me to fill out an 8949 and 13 line items and TaxAct simply couldn't handle that. This is long term capital gains. I was going to go to a service when I got a letter from the IRS asking me to resubmit pages one and two of my return because they did not understand them. The letter was addressed to me and someone else. But I had filed!!! I called the IRS and they basically explained that someone had filed a return in my name and SSN asking for a refund, and that I would have to file a paper return with an identity theft form. That did it. With the 8949 and now this, I wanted a professional to handle my return.

I went to Mr. Flores who said he gets three to four of these a year. Tax fraud is way up as it is a lot easier than trying to open accounts under your name. He explained he would do my return and that the 8949 would actually work in my favor because only I had this form. He would put a letter with all the forms and backup, send it to the IRS, they would look at mine, and then look at the defrauder, and accept mine. I was also thinking that mine was prepared by an EA which gave it credibility, and the other wasn't. Once accepted, Mr. Flores explained that I would be issued a PIN number and that I would file future returns under that, so if anyone filed under my SSN, it would not be accepted. I left that day at the height of tax season, and got a call the next day that my return was done. Really? I also was told to bring my checkbook as I still owed a very small amount. I had to laugh. Who was the IRS going to believe, the guy wanting a $4,000.00 refund or the guy sending them money? Go figure. I went to Mr. Flores office where he had everything ready, signed everything, gave him the check, and he took care of everything. He gave me a copy of everything he had done and my leftover forms back. The IRS must have accepted my return since my check cleared six days later. I cannot believe that I got such wonderful service with such a crisis three days before the filing deadline. I needed a professional to handle this problem and that is what I got. In my opinion, he was worth every penny I spent. My return was handled correctly and by a professional and it gave me peace of mind.

Monica McMath

Mr. Flores prepared our 2012 taxes for our business and personal. We have used Mr. Flores for 3 years now.  He is very professional, accurate, and gets our taxes done in a timely manner. We are very happy with his services.

Tim Maisto

Prepare my 2012 taxes. Having used Mr. Flores’s service last year, it was a breeze calling to drop off my documents. His office was quick to email or call with any questions or concerns. Just a great overall experience. It means a great deal to me to have such a professional organization making sure all my I’s are dotted and T’s crossed.

Jan Sokalski

Mr. Flores is a wonderful EA. Very knowledgeable and helpful. He is getting our buisness on the right track. Mr. Flores is too good for words. Thank you, Facebook, for your help in finding him!

Stephanie Roma

We consulted Premiere Services for advice on what type of structure to set up for my husband's IC business, ways to minimize our tax liability, and best method for bookkeeping. Mr.Flores was very informative and helpful to a non-business person (me). In addition, we've decided to retain him on an hourly basis for intermittent consultations to keep us on track with our bookkeeping and tax documentation. As a nurse, I am NOT business/accounting oriented, nor do I want to be. I was looking for someone to tell me what to do and how to do it without burning too many brain cells, lol! Mr. Flores fit the bill. He explained things in a way I could understand & hopefully he will help keep us on track with our bookkeeping. I would certainly recommend his services.

Jessica Lotun